When we began this website...we really didn't realize just how much TIME and ENERGY goes into 'sharing' the news and 'updating' it on a regular basis!! 

MY APOLOGIES!!! So much has happened since the last posting back in December of 2011...I think it became easier for us to post photos - as evident in our 2012 Easter & FONOTELE videos; 2012 WHITE SUNDAY Videos; our 2012 CHRISTMAS FUNDRAISER and our Sunday School Teachers RETREAT to New Zealand "THE LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD" in March of this year (2013)!!...

As the saying goes..."A picture paints a thousand words" we're gonna go ahead and use that as our excuse for 'lacking' on the 'Narrative' side of the Church Website!! lol...

Hopefully, for those of our family members off-island - you've been able to view our videos to give you a 'taste' of church life back here in Fagatogo. We've certainly been blessed to have eager young hearts that want to serve the Lord and "GO HARD!", our Motto has and always will be to "keep God at the CENTER of everything we DO"!!

We've just celebrated the 4th of JULY!! and our Sunday School and Autalavou were a part of the Government festivities where Governor Lolo Moliga declared the month of JULY..."YOUTH MONTH"...We marched to Su'igaula Beach (Utulei Beach) and joined other youth from around the island in friendly games and fellowship. We were also treated to a surprise visit by TROY & THEORDORA POLAMALU & THEIR CHILDREN!!! (He's currently here this week in Pago with other NFL players conducting a football camp - about 100 in his group that include coaches, counselors, professional football players,'s amazing!!!...Our young people are getting a real treat this week at his FOOTBALL CAMP at the STADIUM AND VOLLEYBALL CAMP at ASCC).


Congratulations to FUALAU SANERIVI & GALO MATA as well as TUPUOLA PHILIP AND ALOMA LANGFORD who have recently become A'OA'O FESOASOANI in our parish!! Both deacons sat the Examination last October (2012) and we received confirmation of their official 'passing' after the Toeaina's meetings in March 2013 in Seattle, WA. 
They now join our 'team' with DR. VICTOR WILLIAMS & AANO TOFAEONO. 
We're so excited as a Church to have these two couples join our Lay Preachers and look forward to working with them; serving our Lord and doing some great things with our Parish!! We continue to keep Aviata & Lia Fa'alevao in our prayers.

Congratulations also to APISALOMA & LORA TOLEAFOA who will be entering Kanana Fou Theological Seminary this August 2013!! We are truly blessed to see Api and Lora receive God's calling to enter the seminary and pray that God continue to use them as Instruments of HIS Peace and Vessels of HIS love!!! While we will miss the two of them dearly...we look forward to what God has in store for the two of them and their Ministry!!! Congratulations Api & Lora!!!

Our AUFAIPESE has FINALLY completed recording our CD - A Project that began last year in MARCH 2012...but due to delays beyond our control, we weren't able to complete the recording until this past TUESDAY (July 2, 2013)!!...A great example of "In GOD'S time...& not OURS!" 
So, we all know that there are things we have CONTROL over in life...and then there are things we have absolutely NO CONTROL over...and I'm sure I speak for all involved, that through GOD's GRACE...we were able to finish this...SO...VI'IA LE ATUA I MEA UMA UA FA'ATAUNU'UINA & to HIM be all HONOR, GLORY & PRAISE!!! 

We look forward to a "Finished Product" before the end of this YEAR 2013...and will keep you all updated, as to when you can start placing your ORDERS!! lol...

LOTOALOFA PAPU JR. truly is a gifted and talented individual!!
And a BIG THANK YOU to your beautiful wife MARIA for all her support!!! 
God Bless you both and your beautiful family!!!

LAST MONTH in JUNE 2013, Our Autalavou worked on A MUSIC DVD for PULEGA FAGALOA - to showcase as a sample for the FONOTELE 2014 (as offered at the Fonotele in 2012 by Fagatogo). 

We've made this a 'JOINT PROJECT' with the PULEGA...and it's been a lot of FUN working with the other 6 churches (Fagaalu, Gataivai, Utulei, Pago Pago, Atuu, & Aua)...from Joint Practices with over 100 youth singing at the top of their lungs, to videoing "HUGE...SMILEY...BEAUTIFUL....FACES"....again...and again....and again..."

whether it's on our CHURCH...or at the FAGATOGO PAVILLION....or the SU'IGAULA BEACH...there are definitely a lot of POTENTIAL MOVIE STARS in FAGALOA...for SHURRRREEEE!!! 

SOOOOOO, Keep an EYE out for the MUSIC VIDEO coming to a TV SET NEAR YOUUUUUU!!!

...and we've got the "real deal kinda guys" working on this too....ERNEST "ICE CREAM MAN" SEVAETASI recording our AUDIO...and none other than TULAGA "TUKAINE" WHITCOMBE from WHITCOMBE MEDIA working the VIDEO!!! 


So, The Administrators of this website will certainly do their best to keep this 'NARRATIVE' updated regularly...STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART...ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!

Things to look forward to in the VERY NEAR FUTURE...

We have a SUMMER YOUTH CAMP coming up in the next couple of weeks. Lots of activities PLANNED...and lots of FUN TO BE HAD!!! Look out for the PHOTOS/VIDEOS of this SPECTACULAR EVENT for our YOUNG KIDS....we'll keep some of the 'details' under keep a bit of the SUSPENSE for our young readers....don't want to spoil the SURPRISE!!!

We pray God's Blessings upon all of our church members currently off-island seeking medical treatment and those of our church family who are studying & working abroad:

Tiaoali'i & Mataafa Tupua, Leatulua & Sapina Tiumalu, Fuamatu Timoteo, Aviata & Lia Faalevao, Aano Tofaeono, Toto'a Papali'i, Eli & Lisa Tuvalu & children, Eta & Faitoaga Olo, Seufagafaga & Sueina Tauaese, Puao Timoteo and children name a few. 

Those of you studying and working abroad...Dan Tofiga, Ruth-Ann Tofiga, Zachary Tofiga (Congratulations on your wedding), Jeremiah Tofiga, Saipele Tofiga, Sonny Sanitoa, Kirsten Asalele, Shanahan & your beautiful wife and children (Anthony "Curly" and Agean...we miss you kids!!), Mona, ALL OF OUR ARMED FORCE SOLDIERS & OFFICERS serving in Afghanistan and around the United States...We Salute YOU and keep you all in prayer!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if we have forgotten anyone...please drop us a line or send us your email details so we can at least keep updated online.
MY APOLOGIES if I've forgotten to mention anyone!!! That is certainly NOT the intention...and after 2 years of UPDATING...we've still got a long way to GO!!...


Tuesday 27 December, 2011:

So there's only 5 more days before we ring in the NEW YEAR, and our Fagatogo CCCAS family have been running FULL FORCE to fit in as much as we can to end 2011 on a STRONG NOTE... and when you're working for 'JESUS' you can't finish any other way BUT STRONG!! Vi'ia le Ali'i! 

Our "Mrs. SANTA" Pageant was a great success thanks to everyone in the congregation. Your participation in the individual groups not only made the event enjoyable and full of fun, but the financial contributions by each of the 7 groups helped make a substantial payment towards our brand new church pews!! With a total of $18,000.00 raised that evening, we exceeded all expectations...and had so much fun doing it!! 

A huge Fa'afetai tele to Mrs. Nash Ga'opo'a (Mrs. Tupulaga), Mrs. Henrietta Olo (Mrs. Aufaipese), Mrs. Fa'apopo Motuga (Mrs. Autaumafai), Mrs. Aloma Langford (Mrs. Laulauafono), Mrs. Malia Kaiva (Mrs. Mafutaga Tama), Mrs. Mata'afa Vaolele Tupua (Mrs. Tiakono) and the winner for the night and newly CROWNED "MRS. SANTA" Mrs. Leala Elisara Pili (Mrs. Mafutaga Tina). These seven brave mothers showcased their beauty and talent with great poise and of course lots of 'flavor'. The Hall was pumping with a lot of laughter that night!! Our esteemed judges Mrs. Elisapeta Sunia, Mrs. Fiasili Haleck and Mr. Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde had a tough night deciding on the winner, not to mention our "MC of ALL MCs" Ms. Tracie Filipo entertaining the crowd with her humor and wit. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors:

McConnell Dowell Mr. Basil Ake
Cherrie's Salon Ms. Cherish Schwenke
Dollar Rental Mr. Leaupepe Pepe Ake
SamoaOne Mr. Bismark Galea'i
Polynesian Airlines Mr. Toi Loia
Mabuhay Travel Ms. Gilda
Dont Drink the Water Joe & Leilua Stevenson
Wallace Theaters Mr. Ivala 
JLen Ts Lenita Pritchard & Jackie Young
Moms Place Mrs. Vicki Manilla
Marie's Sewing Shop Ms. Angie Langkilde

THANK YOU SPONSORS for your support!! We pray that God will continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.   
With a balance of $6,000.00 left on the pews, we saw the grace of God at work the very next day after the Sunday morning service when Punaoa and Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga offered to pay off the $6,000.00 balance!! 

Just a week prior to the pageant, we had a balance of $24,000.00 to pay off - a daunting task and for a lot of people, an uphill battle to try to pay off. But God showed us once again just how much "IS POSSIBLE" through HIM if we rely on him and trust in him in all that we do.  Thank YOU to the Tofiga family! May God Bless you and Bless 'Punaoa Lodge'. God's Blessings also upon our CCCAS Fagatogo family and your loved ones! 

Our Christmas Service saw a treat by the Sunday School who shared the "real reason" for the season with Christmas songs and dance!! It was a beautiful service and if you weren't feeling the Christmas Spirit before this service, our children helped bring that spirit alive!! 

We have a number of parish people HOME for the HOLIDAYS! Welcome to Alice Tarrant-Wolf and her children visiting from Aotearoa, New Zealand; also to Fele Tupuola and baby Elizabeth from Hawaii; Sloane Sanitoa & his family on military leave and visiting from the mainland; Nicole and Martina Sagapolutele; Motina Motuga on military leave & visiting from Seattle; June Tuala visiting from Reno Nevada; Ronnie Faimoa also on vacation from college. It's always great to see our people come home and visit their family & church. 

We also received well wishes and Seasons Greetings from Aviata & Lia Fa'alevao in Oregon, Eli & Lisa Tuvalu and family in Hawaii, Manuia & Neru and family from New Zealand, Puao Tupuola and family in Hawaii, Ila Mulipola from Seattle, Adrienne Tauaese in Seattle; Samantha Leaupepe, Fusiuta Lutu & Savannah Sanitoa all in Afghanistan and finally from Tama and Tina Malolo Rev. Ned and Alice Ripley in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you to all of these families for your well wishes. We extend Seasons Greetings to you too! Please know you are all in our prayers daily and we look forward as a church to meeting you again in the near future. GOD BLESS!

To top off the Christmas Cheer, our Sunday School Pool Party at 'Sadies By the Sea' was an all-day affair from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m....that's right...a full 8 hours of nothing but fun, games, food and a lot of laughter!! The weather wasn't cooperating at all, with heavy rain for most of the day... but that certainly didn't dampen the spirit of joy and celebration for our children or their parents and our team of wonderful Sunday School Teachers!!! 
I know I've said it before, but I'm going to have to say it again...these teachers ROCK!!! 

From the time the kids stepped off the bus at the Hotel, it was endless fun and games with team races, team challenges and some major team spirit!! Thank you teachers! 

With a Waterslide at poolside exclusively for the Vasega Amata, the rest of the kids enjoyed the Sadies Pool, all to the sound of some serious music and an awesome DJ!! We were able to capture some great moments on camera of all of our kids 'getting their groove on', so keep checking the website for updates & additions of photos. 

All in all, the kids had a BLAST and we look forward to enjoying the Christmas Break before getting back into the Sunday School Spirit for 2012 next month (January 22, 2012). For more information on how to become a Sunday School Teacher and part of a great team "TEACHING4HIM" please contact Ms. Leitu Lesa or Tina.

Our New Year's Eve service will be at 7:00p.m. this Saturday evening (12/31/11), so look forward to seeing you then. 

For everyone else, where ever you may be, please be safe, God Bless and from all of us here in Fagatogo, we wish you and all of your loved ones a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2012.

Keep the Faith...
In Jesus' Name...

Saturday December 10:


As we enter the Christmas Season and the 'hustle and bustle' of Christmas Parties, Christmas Programs, Christmas Shopping and the toughest part of Christmas in Pago...the TRAFFIC, Iasepi and I hope that all of you find time to enjoy your loved ones (your spouse, your children and extended family members) during this busy season. This is always a busy time for the kids - a time of heightened expectation for 'ALL' the toys in the store and MORE!! 

But parents, as we struggle to make ends meet during this economic downturn, lets focus on showing our children that Christmas is more about 'GIVING' than it is about 'RECEIVING'. Let's take time to remind them about Christ's humble birth and use this Christmas season as a time to strengthen our families and enjoy each other's company. 

Tomorrow, Sunday 11 December, 2011 is the 'end of year break-up service' for the Autalavou and Sunday School Programs. Our pulega service is scheduled for 2:30p.m. in Pago Pago. Our young people will be perfoming, so please come and show your support for your children.

On Tuesday 13 December, 2011 the Mafutaga a Tina will be holding their end of year Christmas service for the Pulega at the Pago Pago CCCAS at 5:00p.m. Our Mafutaga will be performing a Christmas item, so come see the 'moms' in action!!

Our first ever "MRS. SANTA FAGATOGO CCCAS PAGEANT" is scheduled for Saturday 17 December at 6:00p.m. As advertised on the HOME PAGE, there are 7 'Beauties' competing in 4 categories. We have the 'MC of ALL MC's' Mceeing, so get ready to be entertained!! Come out, bring the family and enjoy a fun-filled night of hidden talent! 
We hope you can join us that evening!! Admission is FREE.

On Sunday 18 December, 2011 our Autalavou and Sunday School will be performing at the opening of the American Samoa Arts Council Christmas Program. Our kids have a 'FULL-ON' schedule this month, along with preparing for their final exams at school next week!! A lot of our children are also busy preparing for their school Christmas much to little time!!!

On a bright note however, to top it all off, on Monday 26 December, 2011 the Sunday School Teachers have organized an "ALL-DAY CHRISTMAS POOL PARTY" at Sadies By the Sea especially for our Sunday School Students. Lots of FUN, FOOD, GAMES, SWIMMING & WATERSLIDES!! So please make sure your kids have a signed consent form to SWIM and attend this event. Forms have already been passed out.
Sorry Parents....for the safety of all of our children, NO SIGNED CONSENT FORM....NO GO!!! For more details and/or info, please see Ms. Leitu Lesa.

SO...with 15 more days to go before Christmas, we pray God's blessing upon all of you and your families. Please give our love and regards to your children and loved ones off-island. We remember them daily in our prayers and hope that God continues to bless them in all of their endeavors. For those of our TOA O SAMOA in Iraq and Afghanistan, wherever you may be, may this holiday season bring you much peace and joy!!...and of course, as we enjoy our all of you, we' d like to say "thank you and GOD BLESS"!! Please be safe this Christmas and don't forget "HE" is the "REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON!". In Jesus Name...

Friday October 14:
5 days have passed since WHITE SUNDAY and man, what a CELEBRATION!! There was no shortage of talent last Sunday in Fagatogo that's for sure!! The kids did a wonderful job and really showed the true spirit of sharing their god-given gifts and talents with our congregation.
Members of the "Vasega Laiti" (ages 9-10) led our service from the Call to Worship, Bible Readings, Prayers, Offering, Sermons, to the Benediction. Each of the classes then performed a 10-minute repertoire of fa'aevagelia, choral readings and skits that shared and expressed our theme for 2011 "COME UNTO ME". 
For those of you who were able to join us last Sunday, we hope you enjoyed our service, but more importantly the efforts of your children who worked so hard to make last Sunday a fun day of GETTING YOUR PRAISE ON!!!
Parents, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties & Uncles...Thank you for allowing your children to be a part of our Sunday School and allowing our teachers to be a part of their lives. We look forward to continuing God's ministry with your children and pray they continue to enjoy coming.
Please check out the White Sunday Pics we've posted...if you have some you would like to add, please email them to
Special thanks to Reupena Lesa and Nunuimalo and Lora Toleafoa for capturing "the moment" last Sunday, so we can all enjoy on the website. God Bless our Sunday School Teachers and all of YOU!
In Jesus precious name...   
Saturday October 08:
White Sunday is a day away and all the rehearsals, sound checks and preparations done for the "BIG DAY" tomorrow! The kids are excited and keen to showcase their talents that will express our theme for this year..."COME UNTO ME" - "Ia outou o mai ia te a'u". As we celebrate our children tomorrow, let us also remember those of our young people who are defending our freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan or who are serving in the armed forces. Iasepi and I both know, if they were still here in Fagatogo, they too would be practicing and preparing for tomorrow's WHITE SUNDAY service. So, to those of you overseas, wherever you may be, your family here in Fagatogo are thinking of you and will celebrate White Sunday with you in mind. Keep God close and continue to pray!
We also remember those of our young people who are studying abroad. We celebrate YOU tomorrow and trust that God will continue to bless you and help you through your studies.
Our children, are our gift from GOD. So, as we take time tomorrow to recognize our kids, may we remember that these 'Gifts' shouldn't only be remembered once a year. May we remember the importance of family and our committment to nuturing and caring for them. 
We look forward to tomorrow's service and seeing you all there! God Bless! 
Service starts at 9:00 A.M.  
Friday September 30:

WOW!!! 9 more SLEEPS till WHITE SUNDAY and our young people have been working and practicing hard for the last couple of weeks putting together an amazing performance for their moms and dads, but more importantly "TO GET THEIR PRAISE ON!" 

There's been lots of long practice hours, lots of sweat...and some tears no doubt...but no one said it was going to be easy doing God's work! 

You'll see from the photos above that there's been a lot of commitment, dedication and focus on the part of our young people during practices...but especially, our Sunday School Teachers!...You guys ROCK!!!...God Bless each of you for the work you do "behind the scenes" to make our children's activities a success each and every time!!


Ruta Sipili Matagi & Elsie Lesa Vasega Amata
Deanna Fuimaono Vasega Laiti
Leitu Lesa
Lora Fa'alevao-Toleafoa
Vaimoe Tauaese
Sapina Tiumalu Vasega Feooloolo
Mua Galea'i
Petra Mata
Malia Kaiva
Leala Elisara Pili Vasega Matutua
Reupena Lesa
Afaese Mauga
Asiasi Tinae
Ta'a Suafo'a Vasega Matutua Fa'apitoa
Nunuimalo Apisaloma Toleafoa

Thank you and God Bless Teachers!!! 

So, with 9 days to go...we'd like to extend an invitation to all of our loved ones to join us Sunday October 9th 2011 for a day of celebrating God's Children. Our service will begin at 9:00a.m. and it promises to be a celebration of talent and God-given gifts that reaffirms "GOD IS ALIVE AND WORKING" in Fagatogo!! So come and "get your praise on" with our young people!! Look forward to seeing you there!!

Saturday August 27th:

Quick reminder to all of our young people! Sunday School has begun! Please make a note of the time...7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. We encourage all of you to come and share with us in learning about the wonders of God and how we can better serve him here on Earth!

WHITE SUNDAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE practices will be starting very soon!! See you on Sunday!!!

REMINDER...EVERY THURSDAY - YOUTH NITE! 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Come and join us for fellowship and sharing every Thursday evening in the church hall. We welcome all of our young people to come and participate. We have a lot of exciting activities planned over the next few months, so please bring your friends and your family members. ALL ARE WELCOME!! - Don't forget your bibles!!

Our opening session on Thursday 25 August, 2011 dealt with a topic a lot of us are familiar with... "BULLYING". There was a lot of great sharing and discussion on what Bullying is; how it affects us; and ways to deal with it. With the beginning of a new school year for a lot of our young people, we felt this an important topic to discuss, so that we can be aware of the dangers and consequences of bullying at school, at church or in our community. See you next Thursday for a continuation on our topic - "BULLYING". Look forward to your input and hopefully as a group we'll be able to get rid of it in our schools, villages and communities.

August 6, 2011

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

Hope all of you have had a wonderful summer and a well deserved break from 'the hustle and bustle' of school or work life. A number of you were fortunate to travel off island to visit friends and relatives, not to mention, get some 'R & R' before taking on the 2011-2012 School Year! As each of you enter this new year, we pray that God continue to watch over you and grant you all wisdom, knowledge and strength to succeed. Remember to pray and keep God close! 

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of the members of our congregation a wonderful week. For all of the hard work and effort you put into providing for your families day in and day out... we pray for God's blessings upon you all! 

Now that the School year's started, Sunday School is right around the corner - scheduled to begin Sunday 21st August at 8:00a.m. in the Church Hall. The Autalavou (Youth Group) will also be 'kickstarting' its program next week, so we'd like to encourage all of our young people to come and join  us this year. Our Sunday School and Youth Leaders have a lot of great things planned, so we look forward to working with you all soon! 

The church's website is an opportunity to reach out to members of our congregation both on or off island. So where ever you may be, please know that your parish in Fagatogo continues to pray for you and your family. 

To those of our young people in Afghanistan and Iraq, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!!
Keep the faith and hope that this website provides you with an opportunity to stay close to home! Our prayers are with you!

Keep the faith and God Bless! 

Iasepi, Leone, Morgan, Eciladen and Graceson